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Leupold RX-FULLDRAW 5 Rangefinder


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Leupold RX-FULLDRAW 5 Rangefinder

The Leupold RX-FULLDRAW 5 Rangefinder was made for the competitive archer and the bowhunters around the globe. The all new RX FullDraw 5 uses the velocity of your bow, the weight of your arrow, and the angle of your shot to help calculate laser accurate ranges based on the gear of your choice. This rangefinder is the most ballistically advanced rangefinder on the market.

The RX-FullDraw 5 accepts an even broader range of velocity inputs, allowing you to input numbers as low as 170 feet per second. So, no matter what you shoot, this rangefinder has you covered. And with the updated flightpath technology, you can choose between two modes for viewing arrow obstructions out to a typical distance of 85 yards. It even has a setting for ranging in bad weather. When there’s moisture in the air, Last Target mode will punch through rain, fog, and snow to make sure you get an accurate reading.

Pair that with its six times magnification, bright red OLED display, and incredibly fast laser engine, and you’ll see why this rangefinder is guaranteed to give you the advantage that you’ve been looking for.

Leupold RX-FULLDRAW 5 Rangefinder Features

OLED displays use bright red characters and have adjustable brightness setting. This display technology also enables best in class light transmission for use in low light conditions”.

Flightpath technology uses your bow’s ballistics to display the highest point of your arrow’s flight, so you can take tighter shots with more confidence.

Line of Sight (LOS) calculates the distance to a target in a straight line, regardless of any incline or decline.

Offers a variety of reticles to choose from to fit any use or preference.

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Magnification 6
Tripod Compatible (1/4-20) No
Archery Angle Compensation TBR – Archery
True Ballistic Range – Wind (TBR-W) No
True Ballistic Range (TBR) No
Horizontal Distance (TRIG-H) Yes
Archer’s Advantage Yes
Bow Mode No
True Golf Range (TGR) No
Trophy Scale No
Last Target Mode No
Prism Lock No
Battery Type CR2
Length (in) 3.8
Width (in) 1.4
Height (in) 3
Weight (oz) 7.5
Objective Diameter (mm) 22
Linear FOV (ft@1000 yd) 315
Angular FOV (Degrees) 6
Eye Relief (mm) 17
Min Diopter (dpt) -3
Max Diopter (dpt) 3
Light Transmission (%) 85
Battery Life (Actuations) >3000
Accuracy to 125 (yd) .5
Accuracy to 1000 (yd) 2
Accuracy above 1000 (yd) % .5
Max Range – Deer (yd) 900
Max Range – Trees (yd) 1100
Max Range – Reflective (yd) 1200
Max Range – Golf Flag (yd) 0
Min Range (yd) 6
Laser Classification Class 1M



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