Nightforce ATACR 16x Eyepiece Flip Up Lens Cap

This Nightforce ATACR 16x Eyepiece Flip Up Lens Cap fits 16x F1 ATACR scopes and helps to keep your lenses clean and free from scratches with a set of Nightforce lens covers. Flip Up lens caps are manufactured to Nightforce specifications by Tenebraex and provide exceptional protection for your scope.

Made from heavy duty black plastic, these lens covers stay closed during movement, stay open when shooting, and are built to withstand extreme temperatures. Objective lens covers attach using a threaded adaptor in the front of the scope and the eyepiece lens covers clamp to the eyepiece. The rubber and metal lens cap sets are direct replacements for your NXS, Competition, and Precision Benchrest scopes.

The lens caps, manufactured to Nightforce specifications by Tenebraex, provide both superb protection and extreme functionality in the field. For the scope’s objective lens, an adapter screws into the objective’s threads; for the eyepiece, the adapter clamps on. The caps themselves then securely lock into place onto the adapters. Both caps flip up with finger pressure. Once open, the caps can be locked into place with slight backwards pressure.

They are designed specifically for high quality scopes, providing years of effective protection against dust, moisture, abrasion and scratches. They are quick in the field with positive response, designed to be left on the Rifle Scope at all times.

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