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Predator Tactics Deadeye Ballhead


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Predator Tactics Deadeye Ballhead

The Predator Tactics Deadeye Ballhead was designed to be a smooth operating system with a large 45mm ball. The oversized tension/lock knob makes adjustment easy when wearing heavy gloves. The Arca Swiss style quick attach clamp allows for easy attachment and release of the adapter rail mount. The Deadeye Ballhead makes for a great addition to your tripod.

Note: Deadeye Ballhead ARCA-Swiss Camera plate not included.

Predator Tactics Deadeye Ballhead Features

Aluminum with Matte Finish

45mm Ball

360° Degree Panning Rotation

45° Tilt with a 90° Notch

38.5mm Arca Quick Release Clamp

Oversized Tension & Lock Knob



Holds up to 26 pounds
Height 4.9 Inches
Base Diameter 61mm
Weighs 1.1 pound



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