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SureFire CR123A Batteries – Box of 12


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SureFire CR123A Batteries

SureFire has packed a lot of power into a small package with their SureFire Batteries 123A Lithium Batteries. They have a wide temperature tolerance, and built in heat and fault protection. The batteries have a ten year shelf life.

SureFire Battery Features

The best 123A lithium batteries available, bar none

123As outperform alkaline batteries

10 year shelf life — they’re ready when you need them

High performance batteries, optimized for high drain use in flashlights

Wide temperature tolerance prevents degradation when in use or when stored

Made in the U.S.A.



Battery Type 123A
Voltage 3 volts
Capacity 1,550 mAh
Energy 4.65 Wh
Weight 17 grams
Lithium Content 0.465 grams




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