SureFire UE07 Remote Switch Assembly for Scout Light

The SureFire UE07 Remote Switch Assembly is a reliable remoter switch for any Scout Light. The tailcap module screws onto the Scout Light body. Switch, cable and connector are an integral unit that plugs into the tailcap socket. A pressure activated switch attaches via adhesive backed Velcro pad. The UE07 features a 7 inch cable that fits most rifle/carbine applications. The entire unit is o-ring sealed at both ends for superior weatherproofing.

SureFire UE07 Remote Switch Assembly for Scout Light Features

Reliable remote switch for any Scout Light

Integral switch/cable/connector plugs into tailcap socket

7-inch cable fits most rifle and carbine applications

Tape switch attaches with adhesive backed Velcro

O-ring sealed, weatherproof

Available in Black or Tan


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Black, Tan


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