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Trijicon REAP-IR 24mm Thermal Riflescope w/ DVR

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Trijicon REAP-IR 24mm Thermal Riflescope w/ DVR

The Trijicon REAP-IR 24mm Thermal Riflescope is a compact, rugged, powerful thermal optic that enables target acquisition in any light. A newly improved 640×480, 12 micron thermal sensor delivers increased sensitivity for improved image quality and target detection and recognition. The thumbstick control makes nighttime operation easy, even while wearing gloves. USB-C connection port can be used to utilize external power source to extend run time. Record your hunt to share with family and friends with the integrated Digital Video Recorder with SD card, or via the USB-C port to an external recorder. Engineered to last and built in the USA.




Trijicon REAP-IR Features


Alaska to Africa Temperature Tested To ensure each family of riflescopes is ready for whatever the users put them through, Trijicon perform “Alaska to Africa” temperature shock tests with temps from -20°F to 140°F
Solid Zero Tested Their riflescopes are designed to hold their zero giving you the precision you need. Every model is subjected to 5,000 consecutive rounds, confirming no reticle shift has occurred.
Drop Tested Trijicon doesn’t believe every drop should be followed by a warranty claim. Each riflescope design is put through a drop to check for durability.
Shock & Vibration Tested All riflescope models are tested to withstand recoil and vibrational stresses without malfunction, so it can take a beating before, during, and after use.
Immersion Tested All models are immersion tested, and every riflescope is dry nitrogen filled to eliminate internal fogging.

Superior Image Quality

640×480 resolution – improved processing delivers higher quality image with greater thermal sensitivity

12 micron pixel pitch – smaller footprint than 17 micron system

60 Hz frame rate – improved clarity for moving images

Improved Controls

Improved digital thumbstick provides faster system response

USB-C port allows the use of external power sources

Digital Video Recording

New integrated DVR records 640×480 MP4 video to SD card, or external recorder can be attached via USB-C

Legendary Trijicon Durability

Designed, constructed and tested to MIL-STD-810G

Made in the USA.














A Faster System Control

Enhanced digital thumbstick provides improved system response

B Expanded Functionality

USB-C connector allows the use of external battery packs and download of analog and digital video with available adapter with compatible DVRs

C Premium Image Quality

Manual focus adjustment (60mm only) for improved image quality at all distances

D Vertical Battery Compartment Design

The vertical design creates a slimmer look and is engineered for increased durability and solid battery connection

E Mounting Versatility

Quick release mount featuring Trijicon Q-LOC Technology provides multiple mounting locations with the ability to affix the scope rapidly and reliably in the dark

F Improved Reticle Choices

User-selectable reticle choices include the classic crosshair, and MRAD, MOA, .223 REM, .308 WIN, and 3



Sensor Resolution 640×480
Sensor Micron 12 μm
Sensor Type Vox – Vanadium Oxide
Frame Rate 30Hz / 60Hz
Display Type OLED
Thermal Sensitivity < 40mK
Spectral Response 8-12 μm
Field of View 18°
Eye Relief 27mm
Diopter -6 / +2
Optical Magnification 1.2x
Digital Zoom 1-8x
Combined Magnification 1.2-9.6x
Objective Lens 24mm f/1.2
Battery Compartment Top Loading / Vertical
Battery Type (2) CR123 and/or External USB
Battery Life Approximately 4 hours using (2) CR123
Environmental -25.6°F (-32°C) to 122°F (50°C)vOperating

-59.8°F (-51°C) to 160°F (71°C) Storage

Submersion 1m / 1h
Weight 27.34 oz / 775g
Dimension (LxWxH) 7.13 in. x 3.1 x 2.9 in

(181mm x 79.3mm x 73.1mm)

User Interface Joystick
Mounting Kit Q-LOC Picatinny Rail Mount
Easy Zero Y
Image Capture and SD Card Recording Y


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